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"At night the noise descends, forms a wall. In this maze of riotous fertility, each heart cries out against the darkness, and their collective lament gives mass to the heat. The immutable Insect Horde, all that crawls, slithers, bores blindly in the earth, the Birds endlessly announcing their obscene and variegated boasts, the Apes holding audience in their treetop warrens, the Men who came to parcel the earth and to pile stone- each fancies himself the king in this chaos made manifest, and each in his heart knows the lie. For in this cauldron of life impacted, through the miasma of its struggle to feed and grow, to die and to rot and to feed other life, there walks another. The birds and insects fall silent at his passing, the monkeys bless their lofty sanctum and the men their fires. In the garden of calamitous life, it is B’alam who wields death, and B’alam who cleanses the earth. He moves in silence, and where treads his mighty paw is established the only true order in this dense and ravenous crucible: that of violence and overwhelming strength." -Russ Bledsoe

With the release of B’alam on October 2nd Dialect Trio shows their psychedelic roots extending into the jungle with this dark and slow composition inspired by Chicha music, written by Russ Bledsoe, meant to evoke the density and heat of the heart of the rain forest. A rock solid bass and drum foundation lay the groundwork for plaintive melodies and wild-eyed guitars, to unsettling effect.

B’alam is the Mayan word for Jaguar, the most fearsome and powerful animal totem of Pre-Columbian Tropical America, and this piece attempts to reflect the fear and religious ecstasy of those peoples surrounding the rainforest's apex predator.

Peekaboo Streetsweeper, a.k.a Sam Epstein, formerly of KingRat and The Ruination delivers a hazy, psyched-out remix and rides the line between dub and dance. Heady use of f/x, and beats that play with the pace drive Dialect Trio’s chicha funk into the club and over the edge.

Dialect Trio play funky transnational music of swirling influences propelled by danceable grooves and powerful melodies. Influences include African Funk and Blues, the various musics of the Caribbean, Latin American styles like Cumbia and Chicha, the music of North Africa, Asia Minor, and Eastern Europe, Electronic and Dub, and just about anything else they can get their heads around. Made up of veteran Southeastern musicians and featuring a revolving roster of several luminaries of the Atlanta instrumental music scene, the base foundation trio of guitar, bass, and drums always finds ways to expand the sound and push the envelope. Their self-titled LP debuted in Spring 2012, followed by an acclaimed remix album through the amazing blog Nu Cumbia Experience. These and many EP’s and singles are available to download at


released October 2, 2012

Russ Bledsoe- Guitar, Vocals, Additional Production on Hypothetical Circus Version
Robby Astrove- Drums
Matt Mansfield- Bass, Percussion, Dub Effects and Additional Production Yaya Brown and Santiago Junca- Congas and Percussion

Recorded at 899 Piper Street Studios and at Russ House
Recorded and mixed by Matt Mansfield with additional recording by Russ Bledsoe
Produced by Piper Street Sound and A Hypothetical Circus
Original Composition by Russ Bledsoe



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dialect Trio Atlanta, Georgia

Dialect Trio play funky, energetic music that knows no bounds. International influences prevail without their mixture sounding like “world” music. Deceiving name aside, they have a formidably large sound, using live looping, percussion programming, and a roster of constantly changing guest horns and percussionist to bolster their interactive, synergetic playing as a trio of Drums, Bass and Guitar. ... more

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