Elements of Style

by Dialect Trio

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“One gets the sense that the band exists in some forgotten in-between nation, some hidden enclave porous to cultural influence yet sufficiently isolated to ferment its own musical synthesis.“

Atlanta’s most expansive and eclectic instrumental ensemble Dialect Trio return with their sophomore effort Elements of Style. The group has been hard at work in Piper Street Studios with producer and multi instrumentalist Matt Mansfield aka Piper Street Sound, crafting their second full-length Lp, polishing their sweeping sonic tableaus, and welding even more diverse influences on to their musical armour cloaked in Piper Street’s multifaceted signature Transnational sound.

This time around the group (comprised of core members Russ Bledsoe, Matt Mansfield, and Robby Astrove, as well as a cavalcade of friendly collaborators from the Atlanta music scene) has taken a more cinematic view, blending pieces together, crossing and re-crossing borders, blurring the lines between cultures and styles across generations. Whereas their self-titled debut Lp revolved in a kaleidoscopic whur of styles from Afro-funk to Latin Rock to Balkan Psychedelic freakout, this work sees the pot shaken more thoroughly. Pieces segue into one another, weaving a continuous tapestry of introspection and funkiness. The tried and true African, Latin, Southern U.S., Middle-Eastern, and Eastern European influences are still there, but where the group previously seemed to tackle them one at a time, this work employs and destroys genres simultaneously, uniting disparate styles into a dizzying and delirious melange. Somehow this synthesis takes on an elemental, more natural feel, due perhaps in part by the employment of atmospheric and natural soundscapes. Rather than just a meshing of now-Latin, now-African, now-Blues, etc, all chopped up together, the band imparts an understanding that all of these musics are one, built of common materials and sharing mutual structures. This single unified vision of rhythm and melody penetrates and informs the whole of musical expression around the world, and Dialect Trio’s mission is to lay this common skeleton bare, for all to see, and hear, and feel.

Elements of Style is available now exclusively here and now for a special online premier and will be released this summer on Boom One Records .

“The styles one can expect to hear from Dialect Trio are vast. There are a lot of cumbia, chicha, jazz and funk elements. They bring together a world of sounds into one neat package... But even though they respectfully incorporate these genres into their music they do just like so, respectfully. They show that they have many influences so the best way to even attempt to label them is as a transnational band. I must make that clear there is no copying or attempting to be considered a band of any genres they tap into. It’s more accurate to look at the songs as influenced by many genres the trio obviously enjoys and which also inspires them.”

John Newell (Generation Bass, NuCumbia Experience, Global Bass Experience)

“Ya en otros post hemos dejado más que claro nuestro afecto por la música que haceDialect Trio. Es del tipo de bandas que con gran destreza instrumental rescatan estilos bellos del pasado de la música global, imprimiéndoles corazón y mirada actual.
Sus piezas están marcadas por lo roots, pero contemplando el mundo por medio de un prisma multicolor que denota que el tiempo ha pasado, con nostalgia, pero con la carga de sabiduría que otorga el tiempo, el añejado.
Cumbia colombiana, blues, rock, psicodélia, música afro cubana, afro pop, afro-funk, chicha peruana, dub, folk, música balcánica, música hindú, reggae, salsa… cantidad de ingredientes son parte de su particular y embriagadora propuesta.

Música ritual para despertar los sueños.”

-Cassette Blog

“One gets the sense that the band exists in some forgotten in-between nation, some hidden enclave porous to cultural influence yet sufficiently isolated to ferment its own musical synthesis. Perhaps it’s an unmapped island in the Caribbean, populated in equal parts by Afro-Latin diaspora, indigenous tribes, and fugitive Confederate expats. Or a hidden Himalayan valley, where ancient Egyptians, Tibetan ascetics, and Mayan hunting parties co-mingle with nomadic herdsmen to the electric echo of the post-industrial wastelands outside of their idyllic enclave.”

-Russ Bledsoe


released April 16, 2013

Dialect Trio are
Robby Astrove- Drums
Russ Bledsoe- Guitars, Additonal Instruments and production
Matt Mansfield-Bass, Keys, Guitars, Additional instruments and production
On this album they were joined by these great guests:
Santiago Junca- Percussion
Yaya Brown- Percussion
Jonathan Lloyd- Trombone
Recorded at 899 Piper Street Studios by Matt Mansfield
Mixed by Matt Mansfield
Produced by Piper Street Sound



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Dialect Trio Atlanta, Georgia

Dialect Trio play funky, energetic music that knows no bounds. International influences prevail without their mixture sounding like “world” music. Deceiving name aside, they have a formidably large sound, using live looping, percussion programming, and a roster of constantly changing guest horns and percussionist to bolster their interactive, synergetic playing as a trio of Drums, Bass and Guitar. ... more

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